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Uncover the Tranquil Splendor of Magnolia, nestled in both Carroll and Stark counties in Ohio.

Explore the Historic Legacy of Magnolia, Ohio, once home to the Tuscarawas Indians. Many of these indigenous peoples coexisted peacefully with early settlers, some remaining in the area until as late as 1852. The region's story begins with non-native settlers like Captain James Downing and Isaac Miller, who arrived in the early 1800s. Founded by Richard Elson in 1834, Magnolia thrived as settlers claimed land through government offices in Steubenville. Traversing the "Great Trail," pioneers arrived on foot, horseback, wagons, and stagecoaches following Ohio's statehood in 1803. Richard Elson, an emigrant from Virginia, established the Village of Magnolia in 1834, laying out sixty lots with the assistance of John Smith and John Whitacre. Also visit The nest in Magnolia Cafe and Ice Cream Parlor and Tozzi’s of Magnolia local treats. Originally known as Downingville, the Carroll County section of Magnolia was founded by Isaac Miller in 1836 before being incorporated into Magnolia in 1846. Explore Magnolia's rich heritage and vibrant past today!
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